GreenStreet Partners LLC

GreenStreet's ethos, philosophy and competitive advantages are derived from our thorough understanding and involvement in sustainable energy and environmental developments globally.

Our highly experienced team differentiates our capabilities into a ‘one stop shop’ for all our client’s needs.

We provide deal origination, investment banking and advisory services within the alternative energy and environmental sectors.

Our competitive advantage lies within its ability to originate carbon-credit-based deals from around the developing world by leveraging an extensive ‘rolodex’ of high ranking government officials and industry leaders.

We target ‘green’ projects that generate carbon credit* revenue streams.

Our strategy is to use extensive industry knowledge to pre-qualify viable opportunities.


US Manager: Steven Siegel
301 Yamato Road, Suite 1240
Boca Raton, Florida 33431
tel. 561-244-9909
fax 1-212-504-7973
Asia Manager: Steven Siegel
One Raffles Quay, Level 25, North Tower
Singapore 048583
tel. 65-6622-5350
fax 65-6622-5999
United Kingdom
Euro Manager: Ross Hicks

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*Carbon credits are created by projects that sequester and/or remove harmful emissions from the atmosphere. The current UN Kyoto Protocol to 2012 has created a market currently valued at over US$120B in 2008. The commitment of the EU and the US post-2012 will continue to drive rapid market growth post-2012. Source: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, (